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ORSA Construction

The main fields of activity of the ORSA Group are various infrastructure, industrial facilities, commercial building construction and building material production. ORSA Group has built various industrial facilities at home and abroad since its establishment. Its activities include lime quarries, limestone quarries and ready mixed concrete facilities, including feasibility studies.

ORSA İnşaat deals with the design and construction of highway, bridge, subway, pipeline and related building projects. In addition to its own experience for the project in question, ORSA İnşaat cooperates with solution partner companies with higher experience in their fields in a wide range of areas including high-quality engineering service, construction works and project consultancy.

In projects at home and abroad, ORSA İnşaat performs control activities as required by the legislation and management of the relevant countries, and has developed a management guide covering all relevant documents, health, safety and environmental cleaning rules. This guideline is complied with in all construction and business projects undertaken.




What We Achieve

Our Certificates

National and international certificates are the evidence of the company’s verifiable quality standards for processes and products. We are proud that we have repeatedly earned them. In every certificate, we see undisputed proof of long-term commitment to sustainability from both our management and employees.