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ORSA Group

Founded in 1995, ORSA Group continues both the production and distribution of its own branded products and the marketing and distribution services of many market-leading national and international brands.

ORSA has proven its success with the quality of the products it manufactures and represents, as well as its speed in meeting demands from all over the world, as well as from Turkey and the countries in the region. 

After giving economic and financial consultancy to various institutions, she started her business life and successfully continued her way in many sectors.

Our Group Companies

Our Group Companies

ORSA Medical
ORSA Construction
ORSA Energy and Mining
ORSA Marketing
ORSA Tourism
ORSA Chemistry

Why U.S?

Orsa Group Expands Its Sail In Export With The Power It Gets From Innovation​

Innovative Solutions

Production in accordance with the latest technology and trends.

Customer Happiness

We create value for our customers.

Price Performance

Top quality products for price and performance.